As Non-Resident Indian you may own a property in India because of one or many reasons. You may even be one day planning to return and stay in one of the purchased property or it may already be in use by your family members or given on rent or even laying vacant. Invariably, in either of these cases it may be difficult for you sitting thousands of miles away to ensure the wellbeing of your property in India or you may be spending prohibitively large sum of money to manage it. You may be also spending significant time in meeting brokers, finding tenants, repair, and maintenance or filing taxes when you come to India rather than enjoying that precious time with your beloved family members.

We provide the following services to ensure that you get the time which you deserve:

  • Property Management: Residential or commercial unadulterated property advise, sale, purchase, managing tenants, rental assistance, property monitoring, real estate consulting, new construction, rent collection and reconciliation.
  • New Construction, Repairs & Maintenance: all items connected to the working of the property such as carpentry, plumbing, masonry, painting, electrical, air-conditioning, pest control, equipment maintenance /upkeep, water tank cleaning /sanitation, gardening, rainwater harvesting etc. as well as major renovations, redesigning, landscaping, refurbishing, dry cleaning (drapery / upholstery) etc.
  • Property Monitoring: safety against encroachment, regular visits, security / locks, fencing, security cameras & other electronics arrangements as appropriate etc.
  • Real Estate Buying Selling: assistance in identification, investment advisory, valuation, inspection, search, negotiation, documentation, registration etc.
  • Rental Assistance: finding tenants, inspection, fair rental, tenant verification, lease execution etc.
  • Tenant Management: rent collection and deposit, follow up and payment of Property Tax, electricity / water / sewer charges, monthly dues to association, lease renewal, property maintenance etc.