Business Support

The company is run by experienced Finance, Business and IT professionals with international experience. The team understands international business environment and high level of quality expected by its international client base. We know that the current international business and economic environment is challenging and continuously changing due to economic integration, and technological advancement.

At the same time, India is at the forefront of business opportunities ahead as it is one of the fastest growing economy in the world. Due to this reason you may like to plan to initiate business in India however you may also be constraint by lack of professional support in India. We the team of NRIAEGIS will provide you logistical, administrative, IT and Finance/ Accounting support which will help you to concentrate on business rather than managing routine bureaucratic and time consuming issues.

We will be happy to set-up Shared Services, Captive Center or Manufacturing center for you as well. Our rates are very competitive and ensure value for money. Please send your any query and we will be immediately connect with you. Overall, below are our indicative services, however please contact us even if the desired services are not listed below:

  •   Support for all business activities - management, administration, logistical, recruitment and accounting etc
  •   Set-up Shared Service Center or Provide management / technical / IT support in the initial phase of your business
  •   Access to finance/ Collaboration/ Tie-ups/ Advise on financial or legal support